Oseke Youth Network mocks APC defectors, says they lack electoral value


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The All Progressives Congress (APC) members in Southern Ijaw Local Government Area of Bayelsa state who recently defected to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have been described as lacking electoral values.

Reacting to a post by some social media influencers entitled “Shock as Hon. Preye Oseke political camp shake as Dr. Timipa Ogoun and others decamp to PDP in Bayelsa state,” the group described the said post as not only poorly scripted but also betrayed the level of thinking of the writers and their sponsors.

In a press statement signed by its Spokesman, Matthew Perekebuna, the Oseke Youth Volunteer Network said it was unfortunate and distasteful that some lame duck social media influencers have chosen to portray those already quarantined politically as adherents of the Oseke political family.

He said “for clarity and to set the records straight, Hon. Preye Influence Oseke political family is intact and waxing strong on daily basis. Those that decamped and switched party loyalty today from Southern Ijaw had on their own volition exited Hon. Preye Oseke political camp a long time ago.

“So, in effect they are not members of Hon. Preye Influence Oseke political family. As adults that have chosen to embark on a political journey to feather their nest, it’s improper therefore to associate a performing and one of the best law makers in the Green Chambers that the State has produced in recent times with these persons politically.

“Hon. Preye Influence Oseke is focused on representing the good people of Southern Ijaw Federal Constituency, the State and Ijaw nation to the best of his ability and does not need any form of distraction. From the day he took the oath of office, his constituents have had no cause to regret giving him their mandate.

“His records and performance are in the public domain. He has been extending his hands of fellowship and broad shoulder to members of his political family, allies and constituents. These are facts that are incontrovertible.”

Perekebuna urged the general public and well meaning individuals to discountenance in its entirety the said publication that seems to create the impression that the political family of Hon. Preye Influence Oseke is in disarray and in shambles.

“Those peddling such stories need adequate medical attention. Perhaps they may be suffering from acute political fever and to borrow the words of Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha; they are suffering from “political iberiberism”. Hon Preye Oseke polical family remains rock solid and in the fullness of time, it will be glaring to all and sundry,” he noted.

The youth network said the defectors were only using Preye Oseke’s name to overprice themselves to get political relevance.

The Spokesman further described them as mere opportunists with a penchant for wanting to reap where they did not sow, adding that they lacked electoral values to win elections in their units.

He added that the said defectors were neither legislative aides to Preye Oseke nor his political actors but had benefited a lot from the lawmaker’s magnanimity.

He averred that as a representative of all Southern ljaw people, Oseke has virtually touched every community in the LGA in terms of empowerment programmes not minding political differences.

It could be recalled that some APC members in Southern Ijaw council area on Wednesday defected to the PDP amongst whom are: One Dr. Timipa Ogoun, Comrade Temple Dickson, Comrade Sogo Oyeinbrakemi and Comrade lbulu among others.

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