N’Delta leader Wenibowei charges Buhari on sincere implementation of NDDC audit report


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A Niger Delta social activist and former chairman of Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) worldwide, Comrade Mike Wenibowei has charged President Muhammadu Buhari to holistically implement the recommendations of the forensic audit on the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

The erstwhile central zonal chairman of the pan Ijaw youth organization gave the charge in an exclusive interview with Niger Delta Herald in his office in Yenagoa, the Bayelsa state capital.

While expressing disappointment at the level of financial recklessness that had taken place in NDDC, the ljaw leader pointed out that if president Buhari could be sincere in the implementation of the audit report, many heads would roll across the country.

He described the wastage of over N6 trillion and abandonment of 13,777 projects by respective contractors to the commission as revealed by the forensic auditors as a painful disservice to the people of
the Niger Delta region.

Wenibowei, who is also the chairman of the IYC Elders’ Council (Central Zone) expressed pessimism that president Buhari would not be courageous enough to deal decisively with those involved in the brazen looting of the NDDC because many of them were members of his party who would be classified as ‘sacred cows.’

He described the NDDC audit report as mere diversionary exercise aimed at distracting Nigerians from the most disturbing issues of insecurity ranging from wonton killing and kidnapping of innocent Nigerians as well as economic hardship plaguing the country at the moment.

He stated that it would be unfair for anyone to think that the rot in the NDDC was caused by people of the Niger Delta alone, adding that the shameless sleeze at the commission was committed by both Niger Deltans and national leaders across the country and that all should be made to face the full wrath of the law no matter whose horse is gored.
Comrade Wenibowei stressed that singling out only Niger Deltans to blame for the financial malfeasance in the NDDC would be tantamount to an attempt to instigate the people of the oil rich region against themselves and cause more insecurity in the area.

“I know that the president will not do anything about the forensic audit report. In my own opinion, it’s a form of distraction. This present government is playing politics. They are using this audit report to distract the Niger Deltans. We would be fighting among ourselves while they are doing what they are doing.

“Definitely, the presidency will not do anything about the audit report because they know that these people are all in government. We all know what happened when the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Senator Akpabio, appeared before the National Assembly before the forensic audit started.

“Now that the report is out, l know that Buhari will not do anything about it. They know that the only safe and peaceful region in the country now is the Niger Delta. So they want to use this NDDC audit report to distract us so that we will begin to kill ourselves on the ground that Niger Deltans have stollen NDDC money.

“If the president will come out fair to name and prosecute those involved in the corruption in the NDDC, no matter their political affiliations, we will applaud him but I know nothing will be done,” he emphasized.

Wenibowei also condemned what he described as the unhealthy disunity among members of the current leadership of the Ijaw Youth Council, calling on the Spokesman and other national executive members of council to work in union with the national president of IYC, Comrade Peter Igbifa to achieve set goals.

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