NCDMB takes Community Content Guideline sensitization to Nembe

On Friday 17th September, 2021, NCDMB hosted a one day workshop/seminar titled: Sensitization/Enlightenment on Community Content Guideline in Nembe, Bayelsa State.

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In his Welcome Address, Chief D. I. Ekpeleyai Oruwari represented by Chief O. Ben Sounpre welcomed all stakeholders to the workshop noting that it is a firsthand opportunity to get to know what the Board does and to also understand the Community Content Guideline, and to ask questions for clarifications.

Engr. Simbi Kesiye Wabote FNSE, represented by Engr. Ginah O. Ginah, GM, Cooperate Communications/Zonal Coordination, NCDMB, in the Keynote Address emphasized that the workshop is in line with the Board’s 10year strategic roadmap in ensuring key stakeholder’s participation in achieving its mandate.

He used the opportunity to urge them to be abreast with the Board’s activities so as to continue to support the Board to actualize it’s mandate.

In his first Paper Presentation, Engr. Ginah O. Ginah PhD, General Manager, Cooperate Communications/Zonal Coordinations, NCDMB, explained the Board’s Community Content Guideline (CCG), highlighting that it was produced collaboratively with the IOC’s which is aimed at developing the Host community and integrating the Host Community into Oil & Gas operations.

He went explained the guideline highlighting its objectives which includes structured engagement of youths in host communities in productive services, supplies, manufacturing and contracts, and the establishment of critical infrastructure to stimulate development in host communities, amongst others.

He also talked about the Community Content Framework; Project Office and Community Offices, Employment and Human Capital Development (HCD), Procurement of Goods and Services, Funding.
– Governance Framework
– Monitoring and Evaluation Framework
– Consequences for Non-Compliance

In his second Presentation, Engr. Ginah O. Ginah focused specifically on Employment and Human Capital Development (HCD) as contained in the Community Content Guideline.

He highlighted that in this regard the Guideline seeks to assure that indigenes of the Communities are gainfully employed, earn living wage from their labor contribution, develop competencies relevant to the job role and pay taxes to Government.

The HCD intervention will among others cover direct trainings by NCDMB, operations, contractors & projects promoters: Scholarships, Entrepreneurship & Empowerment and
Project-based Trainings sponsored by Operators, Contractors or Sub-contractors.

Mr. Obinna Ofili, GM, Finance & Account, NCDF, NCDMB represented by Mr. Erefa Turner, Senior Supervisor, Finance & Account Division, shared how Community Contractors can access Nigerian Content Intervention (NCI) Fund which is a loan facility to help provide and support the needed manpower for local participation in the Oil & Gas sector. He also stated that the NCI Fund has a single digit interest rate of 5% per annum and it is managed by the Bank of Industry (BoI).

There was also interactive question and answer sessions.

The Vote of thanks was given by Mr. Simeon Esiekpe, Supervisor, ZC, NCDMB. He thanked all the stakeholders for coming out to attend the workshop and hope they carry on to pass on the knowledge acquired to others in and out of their environment.

The Executive Secretary, Engr. Simbi Wabote FNSE represented by Engr. Ginah O. Ginah GM, CC/ZC, was accompanied to the Workshop on the Board’s Community Content Guideline in Nember by Mr. Tareowei Bufazi, Supervisor, Cooperate Communications/Zonal Coordination, Mr Simeon Esiekpe, Supervisor, Zonal Coordination, Mr. Livinus Offre, Senior Audit

Officer, Audit Dept. Mr Ifeanyi Nwokemodo, Officer, Cooperate Communication Division and other staff of the Board.



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