My emergence as INC President is divine, Says Okaba


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Newly elected president of the Ijaw National Congress (INC), Prof. Benjamin Okaba, has dedicated his victory to God, saying it was not the quality of his manifesto nor money that made him win the election.

Prof. Okaba defeated three other contestants in an election adjudged to be free and credible last Friday at the Ijaw House in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.

Giving his testimony at the King of Glory Chapel in Government House, Yenagoa, Okaba said his emergence was divinely approved and captured in Isaiah 14:27.

He said God had revealed to a lady in 2015 that He was preparing him for a leadership position in the Ijaw nation but that he dismissed it.

He explained that he later discovered that God wanted him to serve under the Vice-Chancellor of a Niger Delta-based university in preparation for the task ahead.

According to him, “if you want to receive the powers of an office, you must serve that office. You must tap the anointing from the holder of the office. No anointing comes ordinary.

“If God had not anointed you to be a minister, you can never be. If God did not anoint you to be governor, you can never no matter how hard you struggle,” he said.

Okaba recalled how the lady told him in 2015 that he would be called upon to lead the Ijaw nation but he said it was not possible.

The lady, according to him, said God’s purpose for his educational pursuits was for him to lead his people.

The new INC leader described himself as the least qualified among the contestants in term of finances but said God actualised His promise by raising helpers for him.

“As a professor, I cannot match other contestants in terms of election funding. At a point I was confused and I told the said lady that this project required money but she encouraged me to forge ahead, reminding me of what God had told her.

“All the people that I thought would be of financial assistance disappointed me.

“Also, if I was asked to grade our manifesto presentation, I gave myself the least score. I went back to God and I said I am a professor but was blabbing (during the manifesto presentation). I heard a voice say to me, ‘I don’t want you to shine with what you know because if you shine with your manifesto, you would think that it was you that made you win.’”

He prayed God to help him and other newly elected INC officers pull the Ijaw nation out of darkness so that it would not continue to struggle in the midst of plenty.

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