It is time for Ijaws to be strategic

By Wisdom Oniekpar Ikuli

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The wise, brave and tactful wrestler does not spend too much time and energy on talking, this is to avoid exhaustion before the main wrestling bout.

Ijaws are the most blessed ethnic nation in the contraption called Nigeria.

Research shows that Ijaws from the 18th century dominated many sphere including education, sports, judiciary, marine and other areas.

The Ijaw nation is therefore one of the most blessed in terms of human and natural resources.

The above blessings over the centuries, generations, decades and years have attracted unprecedented envy, jealousy and hatred to our great people.

Over the years, our brothers and neighbours from the various ethnic groups have met and conspired severally to perfect plans never to allow Ijaws to speak with one voice.

Ijaws are likened to the story in the Bible about those who loved Almighty God so much and at a point they decided to build the Tower of Babel so that they can go and commune with God in heaven. The people were very resolved and determined not just in words but matched it with action. When Almighty God saw their determination, He decided to set confusion in their midst that disorganised everything.

While other ethnic groups are building stronger bonds and even alliances with their neighbours especially those with historical ancestry and ties, we are busy fighting, disuniting and destroying ourselves and making enmity everywhere.

Ijaws fought for the establishment of Niger Delta Development Board NDDB during the first republic, Igbos hijacked all the Contracts and used the proceeds to build Enugu, Port Harcourt and others and we were relegated and treated as slaves.

The same happened with OMPADEC as it is happening with NDDC as we were outsmarted with Alphabetical Order in Appointment of NDDC management that started with Abia State and by the time it got to Bayelsa State, it was already watered down and starved of funds beside the instigated crisis to frustrate Bayelsa State turn.

Let us ask ourselves the projects that Prof. Nelson Brambaifa and Prof. Pondi executed in Bayelsa State during their Caretaker management of NDDC the same Caretaker Position that Nsima Ekere used to execute projects and also empowered his people.

Today, instead of fighting to secure the 3% which amounts to well over $500Millions Dollars which translates to well over Two Hundred and Fifty Billion Naira annually, we are busy fighting and threatening to bring down heaven.

We must realize that our neighbours are conspiring again. Very soon we shall hear the announcement that the headquarters of the Commission that will oversee the disbursement of the funds is located outside Ijaw territory. Not just that, they will appoint a non-Ijaw person as the Head so that Ijaws will begin to scheme and beg for peanuts and crumbs as usual.

Writers are Prophets and Prophets are fearless. They are not meant to be quiet when things are not going right and that is the more reason I can never be quiet.

Ijaws must begin to learn to be strategic. In the game of football, people are more concerned about the term that scored the highest goals and won the match and trophy and not the Team that played better and lost.

Ijaws need to learn how to put Finishing Touches to whatever endeavours that we engage and not to fight and fight only to be outsmarted whenever it is time to benefit and enjoy.

Let us not always sacrifice to cook only for other ethnic groups to hijack whenever it is time to eat.

Ijaws made Gov. Ezebunwo Nyesom Wike of Rivers State. Ijaws made Gov. Ifeanyi Okwa of Delta State. How are Ijaws treated in these states? What is the fate of Ijaws in the 2023 in those states?

We need to be wise. Let us stop public vilification and antagonization of our people in public offices. If there are issues, it is better to talk such over internally and defend each other outside.

~ Most Senior Comrade Wisdom Oniekpar Ikuli
Mirror and Conscience of Society.

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