Ijaws should celebrate May 29 as Democracy Day than June 12


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After the creation of Bayelsa State which is the only homogeneous Ijaw state on the 1st October, 1996 by General Sani Abacha, all the Military Administrators that were appointed starting from Navy Captain Philip Ayeni (7th October 1996 – 28th February 1997) to Police Commissioner Habu Daura 28th February 1997 – 27th June, 1997) to Navy Captain Omoniyi Caleb Olubolade 27th June 1997 – 9th July 1998) to Colonel Paul Obi 9th July 1998 – 29th May 1999) were all non-Ijaw people.

These foreigners and non-Ijaw people were never interested in the development of Bayelsa State, rather they were only interested on the volume of money they could loot and the ones they could repatriate to their godfathers who influenced their appointments.

Because of the above, no solid foundation was laid for the growth and development of Bayelsa State contrary to what Navy Commander Papapreye Diette-Spiff a young Ijaw Military Officer did in the old Rivers State after it’s creation by General Yakubu Jack Gowon in August, 1967. Today, the outstanding infrastructure and institutions that Spiff built are still standing while successive administrations are consolidating on them.


The Infrastructural development of Bayelsa State actually started after the election and assumption of office of Chief DSP Alamieyeseigha and Dr. Goodluck Jonathan on 29th May, 1999.

We can all attest to the fact that every Infrastructure in Bayelsa State were built by the successive administrations led by Ijaw people.

So for Ijaws, our Democracy Day is 29th May as against June 12 which represents memories of people who have contributed in no small measure to the woes of the Ijaw nation.

Ijaw people own major part of Lagos State but what Happened to the aboriginal Ijaws in Lagos? Most of them were tactically eliminated and annihilated, while others were brainwashed to hating their true Ijaw ancestry and identity. Yorubas used policies of assimilation to wipe off the real identity of the aboriginal Ijaws in Lagos. We also need to ask what has happened to the few visible Ijaw areas that they have not been able to wipe off in Lagos?

What has happened to the seaports in Ijaw areas in Warri in Delta State, Port Harcourt in Rivers State and other areas?

The conspirators have deliberately rendered our seaports moribund because the vast wealth of the country lies in the Maritime Industry.

Who are the people who have mutilated and doctored the rich history of the Ijaw nation?


Moving further and especially in times like this, our great people should not be carried away by momentary celebration, rather it should be time for strategic thinking.

Whatever we have today as Nigeria is the sacrifice and effort of Ijaws same with her continuous corporate existence beside our abundant crude oil and gas that is used to feed the whole country, thus we need fair treatment. We don’t only need to sermonize and sloganize about this, we must be firm and Strategic.

It is time to move from “Show Man” style of making noise, protesting and fighting so much only to be outsmarted by others including our neighbours.

We must position ourselves strategically so that as we work, we also decide how the butty and blessings (results) from our sacrifices are shared and we must take substantial shares.

~~~ Most Senior Comrade Wisdom Oniekpar Ikuli
Mirror and Conscience of Society.

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