Gov. Diri’s magic wand over Bayelsa development

By Esumai Ambros
Senator Douye Diri, Governor of Bayelsa State, dubbed ‘the Miracle Governor’, in less than two years has continued to show practical leadership in actualization of development projects, urban renewal plan and unity among diverse political scape of the state.
On Sunday Morning of the 17th of May, 2020, the Senator Diri -administration did what many residents had long waited to sanitize the city. You may choose to call it, the unthinkable and unexpected but very expedient.
He directed the removal of the shanties and illegal structures around the Etegwe-Tombia roundabout.
 All the illegal occupants of shanties and illegal structures known to serve as hide -out for hoodlums and criminals, were levelled.
The action of Governor Douye Diri, was timely and  a welcome development for those who had expected something concrete in terms of development.
For close political observers, the urban renewal plan is taking shape with various markets less rowdy and traders now moved inside the designated market stalls.
The removal of illegal structure moved beyond the Etegwe-Edepie roundabout, illegal buildings and shanties within the state capital had been taken care of.
A Chieftain of the PDP in the State, Chief Perekeme Kpodoh has declared his support for the State Governor, Senator Douye Diri over the decision to demolish shanties and illegal structures within the state capital.
According to him, the ongoing urban renewal plan in Swali and Tombia areas will reduce violent crimes and create room for needed infrastructural development in the capital city of Yenagoa.
 Kpodoh said, “What Gov. Diri has done is commendable. In fact, I give him kudos. Most of the Governors in the past have condoned, barked but could not do anything. In Tombia here, many innocent Bayelsans have lost their lives in the hands of violent criminals. All these illegal structures were hideouts of criminals. They rob commercial tricyclists and shoot passengers. Go to Swali now, there are no more cases of petty robbery and shooting. “
Despite the turbulent ascension to power through the Supreme Court verdict of February 13th which overturned the Governorship mandate of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in the State, his ascension has sent across the state a breath of fresh air with unity among various political parties and stakeholders in the state.
Many were no longer shocked to see Gov. Douye Diri in the company of the chieftains of the APC at the inaugural commercial flight into the State owned International Airport.
The National Assembly caucus particularly the duo of Hon. Preye Influence Oseke and Hon. Isreal Sunny-Goli showed that the prosperity bug of unity despite political differences is catching on.
Unknown to many, the challenges of paucity of funds are not too visible due to the Diri’s decision to set a silent but bold standard of governance with a salary and pension payment systems that has kept the State workers and Pensioners in high spirit. They are now paid as and when due.
Indeed, with all these and more that is silently happening in Bayelsa state under the Prosperity Adminstration headed by a peace advocate, ambassador and unity builder, Governor Douye Diri, it’s a wave of magic wand in governance.
Esumai Ambros writes from Yenagoa.
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