Advent Of Nollywood And Social Media:  Resultant Impacts On Poor Parenting And Prevalent Social Restiveness And Criminality

Every social change that comes or takes place, has its inherent social problem which amplifies and also reechoe the fact that everything in life has its advantages and disadvantages.

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The above succinctly captures the exact story of the Advent of Nollywood and Social Media and their overwhelming influences on society especially on children born within the period under review.

While Nollywood which is rated the third behind Hollywood (America) and Bollywood (India) has added unquantifiable positive values including creation of millions of employment opportunities and wealth creation, it has also helped to promote social vices because of its contents on promiscuity/infidelity, drug peddling, abuse and addiction, kidnapping, cultism, gangsterism, ritualism, witchcraft and diabolism.

On the other hand, Social Media is one of the greatest human inventions due to its overwhelming impacts on humanity especially in the area of enhancement of global communication among humans and it’s enormous contributions to further scientific and technological advancement, beside massive wealth creation and employments.

The success stories of Social Media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, 2Go, Zoom, Skype, Instagram etc walks side by side with ugly and very sad tales of the havocs that abuses of these platforms have wrecked. Many futures and destinies have been destroyed through Social Media.

Millions have been initiated into different evil groups, societies and gangs. Countless marriages have been destroyed. Families have become very disunited and disintegrated. Many couples have been seperated due to addiction to Social Media including use of dating sites, pornographic materials. Multitudes have fallen prey to fraudsters. Same way hackers have destroyed so many lives. Tales of woes emanating from Social Media are countless, same like the advantages.

Poor Parenting And It’s Manacing Effects

The advent of Nollywood and Social Media has challenged the foundation of African Culture, Tradition and Value System and has resulted in it’s eroding.

The overwhelming negative impacts of Nollywood and Social Media has made some parents lazy, unproductive, careless, carefree and indisciplined. Some parents encourage their children to indulge in prostitution, drug abuse and addiction, internet fraud, kidnapping, cultism and other forms of crime and criminality.

Research shows that most crimes in our society today are perpetrated by Children between the ages of 13, 14, 15 to 20 which falls between the period under review.

But while we blame parents for some of these prevalent challenges, governments at various levels and other institutions cannot be exonerated. There seems to be general systemic failure.

Now, having identified the above, it is pertinent to proceed to suggest some solutions as I conclude this piece, since every research is aimed at problem solving.

Suggested Solutions And Recommendations

  1. Parents should moderate and regulate programmes and contents they watch/take in whether on Nollywood and Social Media, including those of their children and wards knowing the overwhelming influence and impacts of some of such contents on them and society in general.
  2. Government and other regulatory agencies should put in place stringent measures to checkmate the abuses of the Social Media and Nollywood Industry for example the negative impacts of the ongoing BIG BROTHER NAIJA and others.
  3. Parents, caregivers, Churches, Mosques and other Institutions should begin to inculcate the spirit of discipline on children and wards that are entrusted to them.
  4. Parents, Churches, Mosques and institutions including content providers and brand promoters need to begin to place high premium on contents that promote and emphasize morality as against those of immorality, social vices and moral decadence.
  5. Governments and societies generally need to promote, celebrate and reward excellence especially Intellectual breakthroughs as against the prevalent situation where Intellectualism is relegated to the background while crime and criminality is patronized and promoted to high heavens.


~~~ Most Senior Comrade Wisdom Oniekpar Ikuli

Mirror and Conscience of Society.

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